The Snapchat Star You’ve Never Heard Of

There’s a kid from Norway that you need to see; he’s got talent out the yin yang, and he’s been showcasing his talent on… wait for it… Snapchat. The ephemeral communication app has been around for a bit over four years, and during that time some people have found fame, using creative snaps to gain massive followings.

It isn’t easy, though; you need a unique talent that will keep people coming back to your snaps, and boy, does this young man have plenty of talent.

The name of this Norwegian artist is Geir Ove Pedersen, and he’s about to become your favorite person to follow on Snapchat.

You’re wondering what his talent is, surely. Geir, or geeohsnap as he is known on social media, is one of the best, if not the best artist on Snapchat.

There are other people who create hilarious, detailed, or beautiful snaps, but his take the cake.

Why? Well, he takes normal, everyday moments and gives them a twist, transforming normal life into wondrous art that takes you away, if only for a few seconds.

He’ll take a snap of some random stranger in line at a train station, for example, and draw on them and around them to create a brilliant illustration that is truly captivating.

Maybe some bears are crawling all over that person, or there’s a giant bird standing on their head. He can capture any moment and give it a completely new context, which is something that other Snapchat artists aren’t doing, if they even could.

He got his inspiration for these snaps when he was at an airport during a flight delay. Taking a dull moment, he filled it full of life and energy, which is refreshing.

One of his characters that makes appearances often is Mr. Grumpy, a large, black, cuddly looking monster/bear. One snap featured tons of seagulls yelling “Mine!” like the ones in Finding Nemo.

If you think his detailed snaps take a long time to create, you’re right; they take between 10 minutes and half an hour to complete, but they are more than worth the time. Geir’s snaps are more than worth the time it takes to draw them; they make you feel good and can brighten up a boring day.

How did geeohsnap get his start? Well, it all started with some stranger at an airport…

Really. While waiting for a flight, Geir spotted another traveler, and, after just downloading Snapchat for the first time, discovered that you can draw on the pictures you create.

Let’s just say Geir took it from there.

If you think that he’s on the verge of having brands come running towards him for creative, sponsored content, you’d be right. While not being specific about what brands have contacted him, Geir wants to pair up with brands that try to make people feel good, just as he does with his Snaps.

You see, Geir is very refreshing. Rather than sell out and make a lot of Snapchat money, he wants to collaborate with a brand that has the same ideals as he does; this is smart, as it will help the partnership and allow him to maintain his own image.

I wonder if Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel ever envisioned Snapchat being used this way; people and brands pairing up to create beautiful content specifically for Snapchat. It’s crazy how it’s become a platform for artists to showcase their talent and now brands are watching very closely, waiting for the next Snapchat star.  And don’t get me started on pornstars on snapchat who have taken the app by storm.

Geir is definitely one of these stars. Take a look at his Instagram (same username, geeohsnap) and you’ll be able to see a lot of his Snaps that he’s saved, and the detail he gets is awe inspiring; how the heck do you do that with a finger or even a stylus?

Regardless, geeohsnap is one of the premier Snapchat stars, and his 40,000 daily Snapchat followers don’t do anything to calm the hype; that’s a solid following for someone who just posts content that is gone in within ten seconds. Vine stars, although with the six-second time constraint, still have the advantage through repeating videos and significantly larger followings.

Still, he’s doing work. Attracting that kind of attention without use of URLs to a profile page or retweets or revines or likes or shares is a testament to his talent; if he sucked, no one would like his art and no one would be talking about him on the Internet right now.

If you’ve got Snapchat on that thing glued to your hand, follow geeohsnap. Watch his detailed and captivating Snaps and you’ll see why thousands of people are obsessed with the content he creates.

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