What Snapchat Users Really Want In Discover

Apparently, “no one” used the Discover feature that Snapchat introduced at the beginning of this year. I don’t know why “no one” used it at the beginning, because it’s a dope feature.

Discover was added to Snapchat at the end of this past January; it allows users to view content curated by media outlets such as ESPN, Comedy Central, Vice, Daily Mail, CNN, National Geographic, and recently, Buzzfeed and iHeartRadio joined the mix.

The content users view from ESPN, for example, is made specifically for Snapchat; it’s vertically aligned, relatively short, and gives readers the info they need without throwing in anything unnecessary. That’s great and all, but there’s one issue at hand: half the crap on Discover isn’t of the slightest interest to people on Snapchat.

Think about it for a second; Snapchat users are predominantly young, consisting of teens and millennials. Do any of them care about iHeartRadio, CNN, or Food Network?

Young people know exactly where to go to find the music they want; they get all the news they need or care for on social media, and what teen needs to know how to cook when mom whips up spaghetti just fine?

And then there’s Buzzfeed. Snapchat, do everyone alive a huge favor and take Buzzfeed off of Discover; no one asked for that.

Buzzfeed helps no one and the content it creates is just a bunch of crap that helps other people pass the time during their lunch hour at their terrible job. Inspire us, Snapchat; don’t show us more cat videos and GIFs.

Snapchat needs to find some media outlets that provide meaningful and interesting content that attracts the attention of it’s very young users. Teach us something; we are glued to our phones and could at least use some life tips.

Speaking of tips, this brings me back to the content we need on Discover; there should be a source for life tips that young people should know. Dating advice, how to deal with bullies, how to repair a flat tire, tips on getting your first job or saving money.

We spend enough time not learning stuff on our phones that we might as well learn something handy.

Create content that can be applied directly to young people’s lives; show them new tech that’s coming out, how to prepare for SATs or AP tests, or how to nail a job interview.

Okay, Snapchat, maybe you don’t have to toss out CNN or Vice. We do need at least one media outlet on Discover that can provide us with general life tips that can answer a lot of questions that young people might not know to ask or know how to ask; a simple app for socializing with friends could become a place where teens and millennials come for advice.

No one asked for or needs Buzzfeed. No one’s life is being improved because of it.

If it was replaced with content that aims to help young people learn in a fun, non-learny type of way, Discover would see a huge increase in the amount of daily Discover visits. Not only would this feature gain the attention it deserves, but it would expose teens and millennials to information, stories, and people they might not have seen otherwise.

Rather than help us LOL or see which Rugrats character we are, give us content that will inspire, educate, and altogether influence young people to become successful, intelligent people who will lead this world into the future.

Buzzfeed is killing us all, and Snapchat alone has the antidote.

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